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ISP Data Caps Issues

I've gone through a few posts where customers have expressed their concern about managing data usage because of the ISP data caps. Many (including myself) are facing this issue. I have been trying to make changes to video quality (if it is even available) by streaming services (Netflix has this as a setting, others don't).

I see when looking at Hulu live streaming via my computer that there is a video quality setting I can adjust to reduce the amount of data, but that same setting for Hulu via computer is not even available when watching Hulu via the Roku devices I have. This is a HUGE issue for me! Hulu obviously supports it, but Roku ignores it?

Some of the replies I've seen in other threads were obviously from Roku employees. There are discussions of the bitrate limiting feature that no longer works. The part that concerns me here is that the impression these employees leave me (a customer), is "Too bad. Deal with it somewhere else, it's not our problem." Really? Wanna bet?

These employees fail to really understand their customer's position. This device belongs to their customer - period. The customer is struggling to resolve the data cap issue they face every month. If there is no solution, they end up paying high data usage penalties.

This being the case, it is fairly clear that the cable-cutting was a waste of time and money buying their own devices and will be looking to reestablish their cable service. Me included.

I have only been using Roku for a few weeks and doubt seriously that I will be able to continue to use Roku going forward. The attitude of their employees tells me everything I need to know about this company. Many of us don't need "Best Available" video quality. Listen to your customers! There is a genuine need for Roku to address this via their devices.

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Re: ISP Data Caps Issues

The streaming channels create and maintain their own channel apps to run on Roku. Roku only controls their own two channel apps: The Roku Channel and Roku Media Player. Feature requests for Hulu should be addressed to Hulu.
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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
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Re: ISP Data Caps Issues

So, let me get this straight, you control your own apps, which appear to also not have an option to control the data usage... but you want to use that as a reply? I don't even see a settings for those either. 

And if that's how you respond to customers, "it's their fault", then I may just leave Roku... there are other options, and as far as I can see, firestick is at least better at responding to customer concerns with not only having this option on their own apps, but a response that means "we know there is an issue with other apps and we are working with those apps to come up with a better solution".

Way to go, Roku, by doing exactly what this person was complaining about...

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Re: ISP Data Caps Issues

You do realize that @makaiguy is not a Roku employee, right? All Roku employees are identified as such. This is a user-supported community forum. Yes, Roku will respond, but it'll be clear when that happens.

What @makaiguy is saying is that it's up to the app creators to make that determination about that. And, yes, those Roku-built apps aren't offering the capability talked about in this thread. But don't ascribe a response to Roku that isn't from Roku. It's from another Roku user, just like this response is.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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