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I tried to share my Ethernet connection connecting my Roku to my Laptop


I am Ago2180 Smiley Happy

I'm trying to connect my Roku sharing my Laptops Ethernet connection thru a cable in other words, I connected my Roku to my Laptop thru Ethernet an I am getting Error: 013.50 (Google answered: 

Re: Error 013.50

Error 13 usually indicates a problem with your wi network, not the box. All I can suggest is turning both your router & box off at the mains for 30s or so& back on again. Please click on Thanks if I've helped

So, Is it possible to connect Roku thru an Ethernet directly to a Laptop? I guess I have share correctly the Ethernet connection correctly from my Wi-Fi, I's upstairs and my folks modem repeaters is underneath me in the garage, I get like the 12Mbps from the 40Mbps of the connection, so I guess my speed it's not the problem, how can I share my Laptop's Wi-Fi Internet connection thru my Ethernet port to my Roku? Any Dev or IT have an idea?


Thanks in advanced!!!

Ago2180 Smiley Happy

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Re: I tried to share my Ethernet connection connecting my Roku to my Laptop

This is possible, but can be tricky. Your laptop needs to be properly set up for Internet Connection Sharing. Does it work if you attach another laptop or PC instead of the Roku?

Does the Roku get an IP address? What is it? Does it show connected to the Internet?

This can be a port autonegotation problem. Can you manually force the laptop Ethernet port to 10/100 Full Duplex? That may fix it.

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Re: I tried to share my Ethernet connection connecting my Roku to my Laptop

in Windows: 

1) Open Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change Adapter Settings

2) Highlight both the Wired/Ethernet adapter and the Wireless/Wifi adapter

3) In the menu (or by right clicking) choose Advanced/Bridge Connections


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