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I need to know if I need a new Roku.

My mom has complained several times about her Roku not acting right.  I finally had had enough and switched the Roku from the living room TV (that hardly ever gets used) with her bedroom Roku (that gets used all the time).  I told her that her Roku probably just needs to rest and it will get that rest sitting at the living room TV.  So I reprogram her Roku to her email address and do the same with the other Roku, that WAS hers with my email address and all seems to be okay.  

Her Roku, the former living room Roku is working fine.  My Roku, the one that was having problems, is still having problems.  I paper-clip reset it, synced it with my Roku account (email), and it will not play anything.  It is so slow you might as well say it is dead.  

So my question is, considering everything I have done, do I need a new Roku or did I miss something.  





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Re: I need to know if I need a new Roku.

Which Roku is it? Include the model number.

When you did the factory reset via reset button, did you hold the button continuously for at least 30 seconds while plugged in? If not, try it that way. 

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Re: I need to know if I need a new Roku.

Thank you so much for your response.  So this is what happened.  At one point mom's roku started acting strange too so I decided to do a paper-clip reset on the router.  (I made that up, you like that?)  Well that was a nightmare to fix because unbeknownst to me Netgear changed their security policy, I assume, to make it so all router changes must be done via app.  I was doing it via and was happy with that.  But whatever.  I figured out what app to use, changed the settings (SSID, I.e. username and password) to what they were and things seem to be okay for now.  I swear electronics are a lot like human beings - they need rest and they hate it when you change things on them.