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Level 7

How to connect Ethernet to Roku (Senior user)

 Senior new cord cutter user question - Do I connect Ethernet to my Roku Ultra, the smart  tv or to the AV receiver?


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Level 9

Re: How to connect Ethernet to Roku (Senior user)

If you want to use the Roku it needs to be connected to the internet via Wifi or Ethernet.

So for your Roku to work, you should connect the Roku Ultra.

If you want to use ethernet on your Smart TV and AV Receiver at the same time but you only have one ethernet cable you need tu use a switch - in case Wifi is not an option...

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Level 17

Re: How to connect Ethernet to Roku (Senior user)

Since you specifically ask how to connect it to your Roku, that is the place to connect it.  If you also want to connect all those other things, they can be connected as well.  You may need an ethernet switch if you are out of ports.

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