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How to change network on a roku that is used

I have a roku my mom gave me a couple years ago and I’ve never used it but I lost the remote. I’m not sure if she has ever used it either. I looked up how to change the network with another phones hotspot and then use the roku app as a remote but, from what I can tell it requires you to know the network information that is currently attached to the roku which I do not know. Is there any way to just reset the roku and start fresh? How do I get around this? TIA

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Re: How to change network on a roku that is used

Sorry, you need a remote.  What is the model number of the Roku (should be written on it somewhere)?  You may be able to get away with a cheap universal remote.

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Re: How to change network on a roku that is used

To add to what @renojim said, if it's any model of Roku Stick (the kind that can plug directly into a TV without a cable), it is completely unusable without a factory remote to get it connected to your network.

Yes, once it's on the network you can use the Roku app on a phone or tablet to control it. But it has to be on the network first, and with a Stick that requires a factory remote. 

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