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How to Set Up a Static IP on Roku Streaming Stick+

Hi All,

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to set up a static IP on a Roku stick to enable me to stream U.S TV. I am currently in the U.K so my standard WIFI doesn't allow it. 

I tired to set up a Smart DNS on a new TP Link Router (TL-WR940N) that I purchased today as I read that you cannot set up a Smart DNS server or VPN on the stick.

The router will be a secondary router to my Sky Q router. I have an Ethernet cable from Ethernet point 1 on my main router (sky), going into the WAN point on my TP router.[/url:3jinilwq]) and I am stuck at the first point. [/color]
I am logged into my router and trying to change the DHCP settings. The server is set to enabled by default, which is what I want, but I am unable to input any primary DNS settings or start IP address. They are sort of greyed out and won’t let me edit anything in that section which would enable me to set up a smart DNS. 

My knowledge is very basic and i'm sort of stuck where to turn. 

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Re: How to Set Up a Static IP on Roku Streaming Stick+

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