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How to Hide my Roku from ISP


I recently bought a Roku Premiere a month ago, but I am not satisfied with it because it doesn't works best on my Internet connection as it is limited and I can't play 4k videos without buffering, maybe my ISP knew about my device and maybe he have throttled my bandwidth. So what can I do, in order to hide it from my ISP? Other than I searched on google about how to hide browser history from ISP and I have got the same answer as this guide suggest, like getting VPN etc . but I dont want it. Any other better solution to play this device without any interruptions.

Also I cant change my ISP as this is the only ISP in my area.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: How to Hide my Roku from ISP

You would need to setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your Roku from your ISP. And you would need to run a local DNS server as your ISP is providing the name to IP mapping.  

Why would you ?  Why would your ISP care if you have a Roku ?  Your ISP would see the small amount of encrypted data through your account for one HD Stream and would not care anyway.

But really the above is certainly not your issue.  Your issue is a poor local network or internet speed, an ISP issue or you just need a larger ISP bandwidth plan.

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