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Hotspot Android 11 can't see mine

Roku Express 3900x, Android 11, Pixel 3XL


The Roku can not see my hotspot; not listed. 

I have reset my Roku network as seen in other posts. Did not fix it. Next I tested my hotspot on another device. It found it and connected to the internet. Therefore I did not reset the network on my phone. 

My hotspot has only numbers in the password and broadcasts in 2.4 and 5Hz

S/n YG009X936015

Location in a Red Lion inn. 

Roku see approximately 7-10 other devices, likely routers but not my mobile devices hotspot.

I think somehow it's filtering this type of connection out. 

Oh I tried to connect to it via a Private connect too. That did not work either. 

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Re: Hotspot Android 11 can't see mine

Update: I forced my hotspot to only use 2.4Hz; no change. Its still not displaying my hotspot ssid. 

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Re: Hotspot Android 11 can't see mine

Try doing in particular order as you have been doing. 

1. Set your Android 11 Hotspot to 2.4gz mode only as you did.  See if your other device can see it.  If so, then broadcasting successfully at 2.4gz.

2. Power cycle your Roku Express on

3. Enter Settings.. Network..SCAN AGAIN. (try pressing a few times.)

4. Enter Settings..System..System Restart.

5. Enter Settings..System..Advanced System Settings..Network Connection Reset...Reset Connection.

Then do another System Restart, navigate back to Network, and see if your Hotspot is now discoverable.  If not, you may try also doing a Network Reset on your mobile device (this will clear any network settings you may have stored or corrupted network settings.)

If not, can you directly access the Red Lion's Guest Network?  Similar procedures as to above but with the Red Lion's guest credentials if available?  Assuming no guest wifi if you are trying to use hotspot.

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Re: Hotspot Android 11 can't see mine

Do you have any other devices that can connect to the hotspot in 2.4 GHz band?  Do they show you what channel number is being used?  In the 2.4 GHz band, Rokus only support the channels used in the US, i.e. channels 1-11.

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