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Hotel/dorm problems

I have a roku express that was purchased about two months ago. I travel for work and connect to the hotels wifi easily everday over and over due to the portal. Today i fell asleep watching netflix and when i woke up i had to reconnect. Idk what happened but now the hotel/dorm message doesnt even come up. I cant connect to the wifi. I tried my hotspot and it connects. I tried my ohone to wifi and it works.

I have already factory reset, network reset, system reboot, relogged in and reset up everything and still nothing. I get a 009 error code or something like that. Tried to call roku but due to covid they dont take phone calls anymore

If this doesnt get fixed i am returning for a refund. I actually have three others at home that ill be returning as well due to not wanting to deal with a issue that cant be resolved for at least two years that i have seen and read in other posts

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