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Hotel and dorm authentication error

I have used my Roku in several hotels as my job has me travel a lot. Every now and then when I need to authenticate my network connection from my phone it will tell me the password is incorrect, I am then prompted to enter the numerical password provided on the screen manually. I repeat: this is a numerical code provided by the device, not a password I have made. Once I enter the numerical code I am then able to connect to the hotel network. However, upon doing so this time, I am told the numerical password I observe on the screen is incorrect when I enter it on my phone. I checked the numbers I entered carefully and thoroughly only to be told it is incorrect. I have restarted the Roku multiple times, I have disconnected from the network on my phone and reconnected, I have also turned my phone off then back on, lastly, I performed a factory reset to no success. The password provided for hotel/dorm authentication is still incorrect when I enter it on my phone and yes I am absolutely certain I am entering the correct password provided. What else can I do?

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Re: Hotel and dorm authentication error

Good Luck with that one. So your using your phone as a Hotspot and Roku wont accept

its own PIN. I think youll just have to fiddle with it. Because any option we give you may

change everywhere you go. The fact is data gets corrupted over the net and

kernels have algorithms that deal with this. But when t comes to encryption and securiity

it gets very sticky and picky. Checksums are written for this. Youre crossing a lot of borders.

good Luck with this one.

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