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High Bandwidth Usage when Idle to

I've been having an issue for awhile now where my Roku 3 (4200 series)  will eat up all of my internet bandwidth and bring my internet connection to its knees.. Granted I only have 10Mbps download speed.  I have a good router that allows me to see the flows and connections to and from the roku and when this happens there are around 10 or so connections to and the Roku using all available bandwidth.

If I pull the plug on the Roku and reboot the problem goes away for awhile... maybe a week or a few days at least.

I do have the google photos app on my device as a screen saver so I'm not sure if this related.  I did just have the issue though and I powered on my TV and it said that the screensaver was paused due to inactivity.  So, you would think it wouldn't be downloading...  After waking it up the bandwidth usage went down and even after the screen saver firing up again the bandwidth is basically nothing.

So, I'm wondering, how do I keep my roku from sabotaging my internet connection? Are there any further steps I should take to try to figure it out?

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Re: High Bandwidth Usage when Idle to

I think you nailed it with the screensaver app. Especially since the URL you noted seems specific to user storage, not some sort of commercial or advertising site. Google doesn't do their best with their Roku channels. They made YouTube completely unusable on older Roku players. 

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