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Help with New Streaming Stick!

Just picked up a new Streaming Stick today and am having extreme buffering problems. Have tried two different networks and have lowered from 1080 to 720 with no help. Switched to the Streaming Stick from an Amazon Fire Stick because of the power and volume control and now I find this problem. Very rarely did the Fire Stick buffer. Any and all help appreciated since I have two more of these being delivered tomorrow. To clarify somewhat, I have updated the firmware to 8.0.1, build 4069. Internet connection is 60/6. After updating I still have the buffering problem and on top of that the picture fluctuates from crystal clear to blurred and fuzzy back to clear, etc, etc, etc. the blurred picture didn’t start until the firmware update.

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Re: Help with New Streaming Stick!

With what app/channel are you experiencing this?
Roku Ultra (4660)
Apple TV (5th gen), TiVo

Roku boxes from every generation.
Apple TV (2nd, 3rd, 4th gen)
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Re: Help with New Streaming Stick!

I also have a streaming stick among my Roku devices, but I haven't had any issues as far as the stick buffering or anything. In fact, I took my Roku devices with me last year as I had to evacuate from my home because of hurricane Irma and I only used my stick in my hotel room. Although the circumstances of my unscheduled/unwanted trip is a story in of itself, in short, I have always recommended Roku before other devices because of the overall ease of use as well as overall selection of available apps/channels.  I wasn't impressed with what the hotel had to offer with pretty much anything TV, Room, and ease to get around (I'm disabled,) The one thing I was impressed with though was their Wi-Fi, which allowed me to plug in my stick and have a direct access point to keep an eye on what was going on locally via the news apps because without it my family and I wouldn't have known much more than what we were able to read on our phones, which is what we did while we were on the road. I do not work for Roku, but after that experience I said I had even more of a reason to recommend their devices than I had before. Great for entertainment and pretty much anything you want to watch, but even more valuable in an emergency.

As far as buffering, I do have two questions/suggestions that might be able to help you. First what channel/app are you experiencing the buffering issue? Second, it could be related to your connection. I've had to upgrade my ISP equipment twice in recent years, but the first time I had to do it, YouTube on my Roku devices was pretty much unusable, buffering, playback error messages, etc., but an upgrade in my equipment as far as my connection solved that problem and I don't have much of an issue with pretty much any of the apps unless an app has a bug in it's software, or there is bad weather in my area, which results in an ISP outage. Beyond that, I can have my Roku devices streaming 24/7 if I wish without much of an issue. If you're experiencing buffering on more than one channel/app, I would contact your ISP provider and inform them of the problem. I know that the first time I had to upgrade my connection I wasn't happy because I called for a repair tech to come out only to be told that my family and I had what the tech called "Obsolete" equipment that our ISP didn't use or offer anymore. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased and let it known that the provider should have contacted it's customer base to inform them that a change of equipment would be needed in order to get adequate support if needed. All the tech could do was give me a blank stare, but assured me that it would be resolved. I work out of my home and use my streaming devices for my work (I'm a sportswriter) so I made sure going forward to routinely check with my ISP to make sure I had the up to date equipment. I would  make sure it's not an ISP issue, because it sounds like it might be. Roku is extremely reliable so the only possibilities that I can think of are either a bug with an app/channel (Has this happened on more than one channel?) or a connection issue, which does happen from time to time, but has nothing to do with the Roku devices themselves.

Best of luck to you.
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