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Hardwiring internet

I want to hardwire my internet instead of using wireless on the new onn. roku tv and I bought the adapter so my Ethernet can plug into the USB port but the tv doesn’t have an option to use wired connection. How can I get the tv to use the wired connection instead of wireless? 

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Re: Hardwiring internet

Not sure if every TV is capable/recognizes the USB to LAN ethernet adapter feature.  Have not used it before on a RokuTV, but you are supposed to be able to just plug it in, do a system restart and if it is going to work should be recognized when system boots back up.



then let TV Reboot.....




Try steps above since you already have the adaptor.  Maybe it just failed to recognize or you didnt do system restart.  Or maybe the ONN is lacking the feature.

A lot of people knowledgeable in this forum so maybe they will be able to offer you better advice.

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Just another Roku user... I am not a Roku employee.

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