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I keep getting hacked. Why is there no hardwire  option on the new Roku TV? This is getting ridiculous in this new age there need to be more security. I get hacked constantly through rogue access points and through the TV. What kind of idiot make a TV with no hardwire options. Seriously people are getting stupid..Complete bull**bleep**

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Re: Hacked

Although the ethernet connection provides you with better security overall, it only does so if your network is configured properly.  Although wireless is inherently a little weaker, you can make it very difficult for all but the most determined to gain access.

I think some of the RokuTVs have ethernet ports (Sharp used to) but manufacturer decision I guess.  You can always add your own with a 10/100 but not 10/100/1000 usb-RJ45 adapter.

If you keep getting hacked, probably best to factory reset your router, change all your network names and passwords, change your email passwords, use a password manager, run some antivirus programs on your computers if using Windows, and consider the use of a firewall and vpn.



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