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Google Fiber Cable Service Compatibility with ROKU?

Is Google Fiber cable service compatible with ROKU TVs.  When I select Google Fiber as my cable provider it does not show up on my ROKU home screen so I cannot get to any of my channels that I subscribe to under my cable plan.

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Re: Google Fiber Cable Service Compatibility with ROKU?

A Roku TV, like virtually any other TV, can only receive cable channels if they are in a certain format (QAM), and they have to be sent "in the clear", not encrypted. Most cable companies send a few channels in the clear, but apparently it's no longer required, so it's possible that all your channels are encrypted. If that's the case, they can only be watched by using a cable box and you connect that box to your Roku TV. 

Apparently Google is dropping their TV service, so I can't find any technical info about it. It seems that customers such as yourself that have the service will retain it, but new customers can no longer get TV service via Google Fiber. They instead are pushing YouTube TV (big surprise, Google owns YouTube) and FuboTV. 


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Re: Google Fiber Cable Service Compatibility with ROKU?

I don’t know if the Google Fiber cable television service is compatible as a cable television provider with Roku streaming players or televisions.

Perhaps you can try the apps on the Google Fiber box, not just the cable television channels, but I don’t know if the apps are a lot of streaming. I don’t know if they support 4:3 either, because a month ago, I found out that apps for the Xfinity X1 boxes require a 16:9 aspect ratio, but not 4:3.

Generic Android TV boxes with 3.5mm RCA audio/video output require a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3 as well, even when setting resolution to 480i 60 hz for NTSC TV models, or 576i 50 hz for PAL TV models, I don’t know why they do that.


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