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Fixed the issue of not connecting

Our wireless internet was having issues so the landlord fixed/changed it. After doing so our phone would connect and the TV in our bedroom that's not a smart TV connected to the Roku in there but our smart TV in the livingroom would not connect. After 2 days of trying everything I checked the IP address of the Roku n it was blank but was showing the old internet as network name. 

Here is how I fixed it without having to do a factory restart:

Went to Settings, scroll to System, scroll to Advanced System Settings, then click Network connection reset & hit Reset connection.

Once it did it, I went back to Network, selected Set up connection & entered the new network and password and it connected immediately. 

I also had to go do it for my neighbor that has a Roku TV. So if your having this issue and have a smart TV or Roku TV try this before doing a factory reset. hope this helps. 

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