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Firewall Question - Roku Firewall TCP/UDP Ports?

Now, if this is in the wrong forum, let me know where to put it and I'll move it to the correct one.

We are currently switching everything over from a projector-and-pull-down-screen setup to a "smart cart" setup in our district, with Roku Televisions being a screen mirroring device for our teachers.

I have a general idea as to why it doesn't work; our anti-virus firewall shield. I've tried to reason with my higher-up about disabling that section of the anti-virus, since we already have a third-party product, but they are fairly adamant about keeping it on for extra security. So, ruling out any possibility of keeping the anti-virus off or disabling the firewall-section of the anti-virus, the only thing that I can think of is just to permit the ports in the firewall so it will work.

I do not need every single port under the sun, just the ones that I would need to open up for the machine to be able to screen mirror to the television -- 80 and 443 are permitted by default, I need whatever other ones there are. Searching for "Roku Firewall Ports" on Google didn't give too much insight.

If there's a forum post or a search result that I completely missed while trying to find information on this, please let me know, and I'll look there. I found an article by TrendMicro about a separate product (but it still deals with Miracast, so I guess it's relevant enough to look into), and I am starting to look into that. I just wanted to post this up here to see if anyone else has had a similar issue and already has a fix.

Current relevant configuration:
One windows-based Dell laptop (Dell Latitude E7480 w/ WiDi (Miracast) support)
One Roku Television
Same Access Point (Mojo/Arista C-130)
Anti-virus (Avast!)
Third-party Firewall (CIPAFilter, but we manage it)

I do have some computers that are not having any troubles even with their anti-virus turned on, so I am unsure if a recent anti-virus or Windows update is "breaking" them -- I did get a call today from our campus technician, but it was a very vague "everyone is having trouble" and I do not know if that is the entire campus of approximately 80 machines, or just a small group of like three-to-five people who has gone to see them.

Either way, I'm kind of hard-set on it being related to a firewall issue, but if there is something else worth trying then I will try it.
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