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Find MAC address

In the apartment complex I live in, all devices have to be registered to my account in order to access Wi-Fi. To do this I need my Roku Express MAC address but cannot find it anywhere. I cannot go to setting and look it up until I am connected to the internet. The MAC address is also not printed anywhere on the device itself or box. How can I find the MAC address without connecting to the internet first?

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Re: Find MAC address

This is from memory, but when you try to connect to Wi-Fi and it fails, doesn't it offer some suggestions like adding your MAC address to your router?  If that's true, I would assume it shows you the address.  If my memory is totally worthless (which it very well could be), the next suggestion is to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot just to get through the initial setup.  Then you can get the MAC address from the Settings menu.

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