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Failed to find scanned networks

I have the Roku Premiere and as of 7/5/20 (guessing an update took place along with a nasty bug) my Roku automatically disconnected from my Wi-Fi when I tried using it the following day.  Tried scanning for the network and all of a sudden no networks are found.  I've only had it for 6 months so it's not that old or overused to be going through these issues.  I've already completed all of the troubleshooting steps to include all of the "secret menu" steps following the sequence of buttons and still no luck.  My internet is working fine so it's not the router.  I've used other devices in the same room where the Roku is located and those have been able to find my network and connect with no issues.  Seems like Roku support is slacking or they are trying to avoid this embarrassment.  Tried calling and they're all unavailable due to Apocalypse COVID-19.  If anyone out there has a miracle solution not yet mentioned, I'll try it! Thanks!

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Re: Failed to find scanned networks

Exact same problem here, and from the forum activity, it's prevalent.  So far, no solution from Roku forthcoming; just the same inane "reset your router" deflection.