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Factory Reset each time TV is turned off in order to connect to internet

This last weekend our internet dropped for a short time. When I verified that we also had problems with our router, I pulled that out and put in a new switch. Go my whole house back up internet wise except for our tv with built in Roku. It kept saying "Not Connected". I kept trying to connect, I did a hard reset, nothing. Finally I did a factory reset and all seemed to be good. Got connected and got all my channels logged in. Watched a couple of shows, all was good and fine again. Turned tv off for the night. The next morning same thing. Not connected. I did the factory reset again and all my channels were there. I was connected to the internet and was able to log into everything again. Turned tv off and came back the same afternoon. Not connected AGAIN. Factory reset again, yada yada yada. Turned tv on this morning and guess what? Yep, not connected.

My modem has not changed. What changed is that my connection goes through the modem, a new Linksys switch and then to the tv. The only thing that changed is removed a D-Link router and put in the Linksys switch. I plugged the ethernet that goes into the tv into a laptop to verify connection and it immediately worked. Plugged back into the tv and nothing. Lights at the Ethernet connection show traffic. The roku does not see it. 


Roku TV 7209X

software version 9.2.0 build 4129-38


I can't do a factory reset everytime I watch tv. But everytime I do a factory reset it updates everything so I now I'm up to date on everything. I'm thinking the roku itself is the problem but what can I do?

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