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Re: FAQ: Networking 101 and your Roku Player

"catchley" wrote:
"DukeJohn" wrote:
Problem and solution:

The power went out... After everything came back on the Roku would not connect. I tried turning everything off and back on, reseting, even reset to factory settings. I have Linksys wireless router. The Roku would connect to the network but not the internet.

Anyway I searched google to find the ip address for the Linksys rounter configuration... I changed the name of the router and all of a sudden the Roku worked...

Hope this helps the next person that has this problem...

I, too, have a Linksys router but have not been able to connect to the internet with the Roku since day one. What do you mean, specifically, that you changed the name of the router?


I assume he means he changed the SSID. This is the name of the network you see when you do a search for a wireless connection. Usually the Router comes with a default name. Mine is PY4X5. But you can change it to KennyJ to make it easier to find (esp if you have neighbors with Wireless routers).
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SSID name

I recommend that you set the SSID name to something personal, and something that none of your neighbor's are using. And set it so that the WiFi router broadcasts the SSID name in the clear, so you can see it easily from the Roku setup/configuration screens and you'll also see it on your other WiFi client boxes like your PC. When you set up Roku to connect via WiFi, it will show you all of the SSID names it finds broadcasting in your neighborhood. (There is also a setup panel to enter the SSID of a network that chooses not to broadcast but...)

Security should not depend on SSID name, set a WPA password or passphrase, if you want to keep neighbors off of your WiFi network.

It is straightforward to enter your passphrase into the Roku box just a little harder than typing on a real keyboard, but Roku remembers that for you, so you need only do it once.
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Overnight quality dropped, won't come back...

Literally, one night I could get HD quality (which has been consistent since xmas), the next day and for over 24 hours now all movies are stuck at 3 dots...I didn't change anything until now when I started the above mentioned trouble shootings

I have done everything listed above, DNS, channel change, everything...still my quality is stuck at 3 dots no matter time of day, signal strength and so on...if I have done all the above, any other ideas?

I'm laid up after surgery and have nothing to do but obsess over this. :evil:
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Riddle Me This:

Okay, I have tried, to my knowledge, everything...I even found old printouts I made for every setting my router was at when roku and entire household network was working flawlessly...nothing is different...

Odd, new development: 36 movies on instant queue have 3 dots (many of which were previously 4 and/or HD) and 1, that's right 1 out of 37 has 4 quality dots(it could be HD, but isn't), and this is only on one episode of the series; all other episodes drop down to 3 dots!

What does this indicate? Please let me know...I assume this helps narrow it down, I just don't know what just got narrowed down...
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Try some of those "speedtest" web sites on you PC.
What do you get? Try them hardwired, try them wifi,
If you have a laptop or similar try them near where your Roku is.

If speed is well above 5Mpbs, they say roku should be good to go.
Try Roku hardwired to your router. Depending on what you can move where, that might mean temporarily running an ethernet cable between router and roku, moving roku and running a tv cable or moving the router and/or cable modem, etc, etc...
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Re: FAQ: Networking 101 and your Roku Player
works nice and easy, let's you try different servers around the country...
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Re: FAQ: Networking 101 and your Roku Player

This test will show you what your connection speed actually is to the Netflix servers, which will not necessarily be the same as the generic speed tests.
No, I don't work for Roku.
Netflix Player N1000X, XDS 2100X (premature death by lightning)
Roku2 XD 3050X, Roku2 XS 3100R, Roku2 4210R
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netflix speed test

Here are the results to my PC, Wifi connected .... to Cablevision (aka Optonline) Weschester, NY

Test 1 Results

135k - 867ms - 1246 kBps (fb: 214ms)

270k - 1641ms - 1316 kBps (fb: 259ms)

540k - 3186ms - 1356 kBps (fb: 262ms)

675k - 3961ms - 1363 kBps (fb: 211ms)

810k - 4714ms - 1375 kBps (fb: 216ms)

945k - 5486ms - 1378 kBps (fb: 218ms)

1080k - 6403ms - 1349 kBps (fb: 217ms)

2025k - 11666ms - 1389 kBps (fb: 205ms)

Test 2 Results

135k - 870ms - 1241 kBps (fb: 226ms)

270k - 1678ms - 1287 kBps (fb: 208ms)

540k - 3157ms - 1368 kBps (fb: 207ms)

675k - 4022ms - 1343 kBps (fb: 212ms)

810k - 8696ms - 745 kBps (fb: 308ms)

945k - 5501ms - 1374 kBps (fb: 204ms)

1080k - 6270ms - 1378 kBps (fb: 209ms)

2025k - 11762ms - 1377 kBps (fb: 219ms)

Test 3 Results

135k - 871ms - 1240 kBps (fb: 230ms)

270k - 1636ms - 1320 kBps (fb: 217ms)

540k - 3183ms - 1357 kBps (fb: 206ms)

675k - 3986ms - 1355 kBps (fb: 270ms)

810k - 5437ms - 1192 kBps (fb: 212ms)

945k - 5463ms - 1384 kBps (fb: 216ms)

1080k - 6289ms - 1374 kBps (fb: 212ms)

2025k - 11674ms - 1388 kBps (fb: 217ms)

Test 4 Results

135k - 910ms - 1187 kBps (fb: 213ms)

270k - 1639ms - 1318 kBps (fb: 212ms)

540k - 3240ms - 1333 kBps (fb: 225ms)

675k - 3955ms - 1365 kBps (fb: 212ms)

810k - 4744ms - 1366 kBps (fb: 256ms)

945k - 5532ms - 1367 kBps (fb: 204ms)

1080k - 6294ms - 1373 kBps (fb: 228ms)

2025k - 11592ms - 1398 kBps (fb: 214ms)
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Re: FAQ: Networking 101 and your Roku Player

And here are mine:

Test 1 Results
135k - 860ms - 1256 kBps (fb: 437ms)

270k - 1922ms - 1124 kBps (fb: 937ms)

540k - 3282ms - 1316 kBps (fb: 281ms)

675k - 3891ms - 1388 kBps (fb: 843ms)

810k - 4609ms - 1406 kBps (fb: 469ms)

945k - 5797ms - 1304 kBps (fb: 297ms)

1080k - 6172ms - 1400 kBps (fb: 609ms)

2025k - 11797ms - 1373 kBps (fb: 515ms)

Test 2 Results
135k - 968ms - 1116 kBps (fb: 282ms)

270k - 1500ms - 1440 kBps (fb: 360ms)

540k - 3047ms - 1418 kBps (fb: 422ms)

675k - 3875ms - 1394 kBps (fb: 234ms)

810k - 4594ms - 1411 kBps (fb: 500ms)

945k - 5625ms - 1344 kBps (fb: 390ms)

1080k - 6297ms - 1372 kBps (fb: 422ms)

2025k - 11391ms - 1422 kBps (fb: 250ms)

Test 3 Results
135k - 984ms - 1098 kBps (fb: 375ms)

270k - 1781ms - 1213 kBps (fb: 250ms)

540k - 3266ms - 1323 kBps (fb: 266ms)

675k - 3781ms - 1428 kBps (fb: 687ms)

810k - 4765ms - 1360 kBps (fb: 282ms)

945k - 5813ms - 1301 kBps (fb: 172ms)

1080k - 6391ms - 1352 kBps (fb: 140ms)

2025k - 11281ms - 1436 kBps (fb: 625ms)

Test 4 Results
135k - 859ms - 1257 kBps (fb: 328ms)

270k - 1765ms - 1224 kBps (fb: 313ms)

540k - 3344ms - 1292 kBps (fb: 594ms)

675k - 3765ms - 1434 kBps (fb: 391ms)

810k - 4656ms - 1392 kBps (fb: 235ms)

945k - 5453ms - 1386 kBps (fb: 453ms)

1080k - 6375ms - 1355 kBps (fb: 218ms)

2025k - 11844ms - 1368 kBps (fb: 250ms)

So I'm really good at learning this stuff and doing exactly what I'm told, but I have no idea what any of that indicates, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I left the roku unplugged overnight and for giggles I'm gonna try everything again...

Thanks so much!
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Re: FAQ: Networking 101 and your Roku Player

Ouch. Both of you guys have very high latency. You may want check out how your DNS is resolving the Netflix CDN and possibly change your DNS servers: ... 695#116695

If DNS is (part of) your problem, then by changing your DNS settings you might be able to get your results to look more like this:
Test 1 Results

135k - 105ms - 10286 kBps (fb: 66ms)

270k - 194ms - 11134 kBps (fb: 68ms)

540k - 336ms - 12857 kBps (fb: 59ms)

675k - 421ms - 12827 kBps (fb: 66ms)

810k - 495ms - 13091 kBps (fb: 57ms)

945k - 538ms - 14052 kBps (fb: 61ms)

1080k - 637ms - 13564 kBps (fb: 76ms)

2025k - 1150ms - 14087 kBps (fb: 73ms)
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