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Express Buffering, Streaming Stick + is Not

I have had a Streaming Stick + that has been working great on my 4K TV. My brother had to move in with us after heart surgery and I got another Roku Express for a regular HD TV in a guest bedroom. His was buffering badly and I assumed it was b/c his bedroom was farther from the router than my 4K TV with the Streaming Stick +. I switched them as a test and now he has no buffering using the SS+ and my 4K TV buffers every minute or so using the Express, and sometimes doesn't even load Sling. 

I am guessing the Express has a way weaker signal than the SS+? It is almost useless. I am sending it back, and just ordered a 2nd Streaming Stick + from Amazon so we have them on both TV's. Even though his TV is not 4K, I am guessing that is ok to use the + and it will just display in HD only?

One more thing, why in the heck does the Express remote not have a power button and volume control? That seems really bizarre to me.


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