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I have a TCL Roku 55" TV and a Roku Ultra that won't connect via ethernet. I have an ethernet connection behind the TV and  I can connect my Apple TV and my laptop via ethernet using the same port but neither of the Roku's will connect. I've gone through the settings on both Roku's but found nothing to resolve the issue. I would like to use the ethernet on the Roku TV because it has a better picture than the Apple TV. 




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Re: Ethernet

None of my Rokus have an Ethernet port, so I've never tried this with a wired connection, but I've had success with wifi connections, even when all other devices in the house have connected okay, so it might be worth a try:

Restart the router.

Restart the Roku.

When both are back up, try to reset Roku's network connection.

It frankly makes no sense to me, but it has worked for me on several occasions when mere restarting of the Roku didn't cut it.

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