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Error code 014.30

My express 3900X was working fine receiving the wireless signal in the living room from the router 3 rooms away and then just stopped receiving and won't connect. I'm getting the "weak signal" message. I've tried re-booting both the router and the express. It doesn't solve the problem. I've changed the position and the angle of both the router and the express. No luck. The express is not that far away from the router and the house is all wood, no metal. AND both laptops have no problem connecting to the wireless signal. What's crazy is that it picks up the wireless signal when right next to the router but not when in the living room OR the bedroom. Why would it work when right next to the router but then stop working when a short distance away? I know it's just the basic version that comes free with Sling, but does anyone know why this would be happening?

Thanks in advance to whomever replies.

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Re: Error code 014.30

Perhaps a neighbor has started up a router using the same channel as is being used by your router, causing interference. The nearer to the other router and further from yours, the stronger the interference. You might be able to avoid this by changing your router channel setting to one with less local interference. If you have a cell phone or table using wifi, there are quite a few apps you can load that will show you signal strengths on various channels to help find a relatively unused channel for your problem location(s).

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Re: Does Roku Express wear out? Getting Error Code 014.30


Thanks for the inquiry.

Since the device connects when in close proximity to your router, but doesn't work when further away, it would appear that it is a wireless connectivity issue. The signal that is coming from your router may not be strong enough to reach your device when placed in the rooms that you are having issues connecting with.

For tips on improving your wireless network signal, visit our Support page here: Tips for improving the wireless connection to your Roku streaming device


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