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Re: Error code 014.30

Buenas tardes mi Roku express  pongo netflix o YouTube  y   A los dos minutos me sale que no tengo red y tengo que  reiniciar el dispositivo 

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Re: Error code 014.30

This is crazy. I have 4 Premier devices. 2 have no network issues. The other 2 mysteriously disconnect daily. They're on the same network. Both are no more than 20' away from the access point. My house had no interior concrete or brick walls, all wood. When they do connect the signal says excellent. One TV at the location connects to the WiFi just fine. Why can't these 2 Premier devices??? 

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Express will not connect to wifi but Premier works fine. Error code 014.30

I have 2 Rokus.  The older one (Premier) works fine, the newer one the Express, stopped connecting to wifi.  This is the error code I get and I have rebooted both the router and the Roku.  The older Roku continues to connect to the wifi when the wifi is rebooted, and we watch tv and movies, but the Express won't connect. 

I unplugged the Premier and switched it out with the Express and the Express still won't connect to wifi.  

#014.30 #Error #errorCode014.30 #willnotconnecttowifi

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Express will not connect to wifi but Premier works fine. Error code 014.30

Hi @Teesdale242,

Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing.

It sounds like your Roku device may be having trouble connecting to your home network. Please follow the steps here to get up and streaming. Connecting your Roku device to the internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet | Official Roku Support 

In addition, Please be aware that the Roku Express is a single-band wireless device which means it only supports a 2.4 GHz connection. Your Roku Express will not recognize the 5Ghz network. You need to make sure that your 2.4 GHz network is active by using your mobile phone and check if you can detect the 2.4 GHz network. We also suggest you reach out to your Internet Service Provider or ISP for assistance in checking if the 2.4 GHz network is active and not hidden. 

For this specific network error message, please make sure to try to restart both your router and Roku device. Unplug the power of the Roku device first, then unplug the power of your router. After 15 seconds, plug back in the power of the router and wait for the wireless network to go active. After a minute or two, plug back in the power of your Roku device and try to connect to your wireless network.

Let us know if there's any difference after.


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