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Error Code 016 / Local Net Connection

I have two issues since I updated my Roku TV. This is more of a feature-request or option.

1. Local Network Connection
When setting up a connection a window pops up on my screen. First it checks for a Wireless Network. Upon success it checks for an Internet Connection.
If both succeed, the connection is locked in and will be there when I turn the TV on/off, without having to be entered again.

What I'm requesting is the option to remove the Internet Connection requirement. I have a home network via Router. It has no internet connection. I do not use the Internet with my Roku TV. Because of this, I have to go to Setup Connection and redo this every single time I turn my TV on and wish to use the Plex Classic channel with my local network.

I'm not sure how difficult it is to include this, but surely it can be done?? My Roku TCL tv would be infinitely better if I could lock in my home network the one time, and have it automatically connect to that network every single time the TV is on and the router is on as well.  Or at least it would save me the few minutes hassle of having to go in and setup the connection each time.

2. Error Code 016 and Plex Classic
This error code has only been taking place since I updated my Roku TV. Each time I go to run Plex Classic, it now gives me this error stating that "It may require the internet." and gives me the option of going to setup a connection or to proceed anyway.

Plex Classic does not require the internet. And it's really a bother because there is like a 90 second period of slowdown where the window comes up and I have to select Proceed Anyway, followed by a noticeable "freeze" time before Plex loads in.

What I'd like to see is a way to disable this Error Code, for specific channels, so that I could simple enter one of the developer secret screens, turn off the code, so that it no longer bothers me when trying to use Plex Classic.

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Re: Error Code 016 / Local Net Connection

So just no Roku support whatsoever, huh? Been a few months and not one official reply to help.
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Re: Error Code 016 / Local Net Connection

Since Plex Classic isn't a supported channel any longer, I'm not certain what Roku can do to help. It's probably going to stop working completely in January when Roku discontinues support for channels that haven't been updated to the new programming language. If Plex won't provide support, there isn't much Roku can do. They didn't create the channel. 
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