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Error 14.12 can not connect to wifi network

I just bought a new Roku Express Plus.  I've tried to connect it to my wireless network several times and I get Error code 14.12.  I've restarted the Roku Player, restarted my router still not connecting.  I have 3 other Roku Players on this wifi network among a few other devices and they all work fine.  

Since this is a NEW purchase from Roku, I was surprised that when I went to the support page I was told this product was no longer supported.



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Re: Error 14.12 can not connect to wifi network

The Express devices come with no support.  Some people have noted that their router has a problem with the + character in the device name (hostname).  Some routers have a setting under DHCP to allow special characters.  The other thing to try is to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to that just to get through the setup.