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Error 014.30

I have a Roku Premiere modle: 3920x. I upgraded my router to a asus ac3100 on 6/2/20. The roku was working fine until 6/9/20. Now when I try to connect to my network I get and error message 014.30. I have Googled the error code tired all the tips and tricks I could find to fix the problem including restarting the roku/route, disabling network ping in the secret menu, changed the security settings in my network,  changed my network password, tried multiple control channels in  my router, completely disabling my network security and leaving it an open network, rebooting my network to factory settings and nothing has worked.  I've even bought a completely new roku premiere and it still isn't working.  All other devices on my network are working fine. I have a Roku TV in another room and it is working perfectly normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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