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Error #003 and 001. Software version 10.00. Cannot activate account during setup after factory reset

234 mbs download, 11 mbs upload, 11.4 millisecond ping time. Wifi is strong. My #roku TV (5147x) model 325301-w was moved to a new house with a new router and modem. The SSID and password are inputted correctly by the way. This TV will not hold a wireless signal for more than 2 minutes before I have to manually reconnect to my wifi. So I reset the equipment and TV. There was no change, so I manually updated the software. There was no change to my issue. So I factory reset the TV. There is no change to my issue. I am legitimately entitled to a full refund at this point. There are no usable services to render over here. It's broken technolog

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Re: Error #003 and 001. Software version 10.00. Cannot activate account during setup after factory r

You'd have to contact the manufacturer of the TV (TCL, Sharp, Hisense, etc.) for any kind of warranty replacement.  Roku doesn't make the TVs.  That being said, they're probably going to point the finger back at Roku.  I suspect there's some kind of incompatibility with the new router, but getting to the bottom of it won't be easy.

Is it an ISP supplied modem/router?  Are you able to look into and change the settings?  Do you know if you're using 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

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