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I'm trying to get a link code emailed to mebecause after over two hours and a whole week trying I cannot get a link code except one time and then it kept disconnecting so I did a factory reset., I went to the customer support contact by email and now I have given you every format known to man regarding my phone number and you do not accept anything so I think you just don't want to get emails so either give me the  phone number format or send me a link code via email because after 2 hours I am tired of  not getting a link code sent after a factory reset. Do not tell me to go through those steps again, I went through the steps for 2 hours.did not get a link code. When I did get a link code last week, yes it's been a week I can't get a link code still, it disconnects in 25 minutes anyway and then it takes 25 minutes to get back on and the internet provider said it's not on their end. Stop with that excuse already, many people are having this problem. Send me a link code in my GMAIL, please. Why are we paying money for something that we can't use?  Thank you

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