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Do apps than I have not exited continue to use wifi?

Do I need to exit apps when switching to another?   I have reached my monthly allotment since adding more channels to Roku TV.   Just wanting to know if apps will continue to use/run if I don't exit them when I switch to another.

Also, does the Roku screensaver use wifi when I am not watching anything?


Maybe just a senior moment but would like to know.   TIA for the assistance.


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Re: Do apps than I have not exited continue to use wifi?

The Roku can only stream from one channel app at a time, so switching from Roku channel A to Roku channel B should not leave Roku channel A streaming in the background.

What WILL stay active, however, is if you don't exit the channel before just shutting of the TV.  Get in the habit of returning to the Roku home page anytime you've quite viewing.

As further protection, you can turn on the "Bandwidth saver" which kicks in when the Roku has received no user input in four hours. It asks if you are still watching, and if it receives no response, it exits the current stream and returns the Roku to its home page.

You can turn this feature on and off via Settings > Network > Bandwidth saver

Note that some individual channels may have a similar feature.

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