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Do I need a router?

I have an xfinity account that allows me to use WiFi anywhere as long as I’m logged in with my username & password. Do I need a physical router to connect my Roku tv to the xfinity WiFi? Every time I try to enter my password for xfinity WiFi on my tv, it says there is no wireless connection. I really don’t want to have to get a whole router just to connect my tv.

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Re: Do I need a router?

The password for your wireless isn't your Xfinity password to the best of my knowledge. The default password is usually on a sticker on the box, or if you have a computer connected you should be able to access the control panel and see what it is there. Their WiFi Anywhere function is different than your internal home wireless connection. The Anywhere access probably does use your Xfinity user name and password, but my guess is that a Roku can't use that function since there's no way to enter a user name from the Roku itself. I don't have Xfinity so have no personal experience with it. 

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