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Correct password entry incorrect

Model XD/S

My wireless password has an ~ in it.  I enter the wireless SSID (Roku finds it).  I enter the correct password with an ~ in it.  Code 14 comes up (incorrect password).  I show the password and the Roku has replaced the ~ with a ? mark!  I have twenty devices on this wireless network.  I am not going to change the password to correct this issue for this one device!  Other than changing the password what would you suggest?

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Level 16

Re: Correct password entry incorrect

I ran into this annoyance with the second or third wi-fi device I bought, but that was years ago.

I hadn't heard of an XD/S so I googled and see reviews from 2010.  I do see that it has an ethernet port, so maybe, plug it in and see if possibly you get a newer OS that solves this?  Then again, my searching also found a page that said this is an obsolete device that won't be getting updates so no guarantees on that. (But maybe you can still get something that is newer than what's on it, now.)

Did you just buy this???

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Re: Correct password entry incorrect

The Roku XD, model 3050, is no longer supported by Roku. It will not receive the most current updates. And it will not accept a WiFi password with a special character. Only numbers and letters. 

Honestly, the XD is next to worthless. It won't run most of the latest channels, and even channels that still work are going to be slow as molasses. 


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