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Constant connection loss with any app

I have 3 rokus all the same model. And every single one loses connection at one point or another. I have gigablast Cox 1000mb internet speed. My rokus are the 3800x, it doesn't matter if it is Hulu, HBO, stars every single one gets horrible quality and then drops connection. I have tried updating the Roku nothing, I have tried restarting network didn't fix it, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling apps didn't fix it, I have talked with my internet services didn't fix it. IDK what to do and the customer services on Roku suck and have a 20min wait. Should I just switch to a different company because Roku customer service is garbage.

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Re: Constant connection loss with any app

The first thing I'd try is a different WiFi channel.  If your router's WiFi channel is set to "Auto", change it to a fixed channel.  Try them all.  If you have 2.4GHz and 5GHz, try them both.  Next, get the HDMI extender. Third, avoid the sticks at all cost - way too many WiFi issues.  Finally, if you want a reliable connection a wired connection will beat WiFi every time.  Get an Ultra (the only Roku with an Ethernet port).



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