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Constant Buffering

My Roku constantly buffers no matter where in the house it’s connected, its to the point where streaming just gets annoying. My household has two other Roku’s and barely buffers, as well as a couple Chromecasts, so my understanding is its the device itself that has issues. Is there anything I can do to possibly solve this?

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Re: Constant Buffering

@Grace_  Thanks for reaching out! Roku Express models are compatible with and connect to your network on the 2.4GHz wireless band. Other devices may connect on the 5GHz wireless band. If you are encountering a buffering issue with your device, it's likely that another nearby network is also broadcasting a network on the same wireless channel that your 2.4GHz network is being broadcast on. This creates wireless interference that can impact your connection quality and cause this type of behavior. We'd recommend trying to change the wireless broadcast channel on your 2.4GHz wireless network. Your ISP or wireless router manufacturer can assist you with this. 

It's also possible that your device is too far from your wireless router, or other electronics such as a microwave are being used near the device. This can cause the signal to either be too weak, or become interrupted during use. You might try repositioning your device, moving it up higher, or out from behind or under other objects. 

You can also see more tips for improving your wireless connection here:




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