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Conservative Live NEWS stations removed from home screen

Sometime today, 3 conservative LIVE News stations disappeared from the home screen. NewsMaxTV, One American News & American's Voice News......all were removed.  I searched & found them to play, but they won't return back to the home screen.  I guess someone does not want us to watch these news stations.

This is very concerning.....

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Re: Conservative Live NEWS stations removed from home screen

I just added 2 of the 3 (the third requires a subscription to download the app) apps and they downloaded and installed to all of my Rokus without issue.  I also loaded them without issue, and viewed random Live/selected content without issue.

Its possible someone else in your household/with access to your account removed them from that Roku, or from a different Roku device which then removed them from your device (Roku apps get removed/installed from all devices on the account - apps are managed collectively per account, not individually per device).

I'm also not sure how you were able to find them and play them, but they somehow dont appear on your home screen - there may be an issue with the number of channels installed.   Try restarting your device (not clear whether its a Roku streamer or Roku TV) and checking the home screen again for the apps - if they dont appear, try removing some other unused/lesser used apps and checking if they appear then.

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Re: Conservative Live NEWS stations removed from home screen

I noticed the same thing today 11/14/2020. NewsMAXTv was no longer in the live TV channel list right next to the Channel Guide where it has been in the past. BUT I found it by using the Search function and I had to type in everything before it showed up. Then I was able to add it to my channel list and I was back in business. It certainly seemed like a little monkey business going on. I respect others right to opinions that differ from mine. Please, ROKU folks, give me the same respect.