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Re: Connectivity Issues and Surprise $$ Charge to Fix

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Hm, I typed into Firefox, Edge and Chrome on Windows and those went straight to the page.  I don't doubt that some browsers or platforms act that way though - maybe Roku doesn't know about them. 

As for the scammer not needing a CC number - a couple of theories - he figured he'd get it out of you later (they seem to be good at that), or there are cases where paid support people have also been scamming.  Once they get caught and hopefully fired, then they sometimes move into full-time scamming often with customer info from their previous employer. It's one of the costs of super-cheap overseas call centers.


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Re: Connectivity Issues and Surprise $$ Charge to Fix

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I also was charged 69.99 for a new Roku device to get it connected . I have 2 other devices that work fine.

A Roku chat conversation turned into a cell phone call & after we got my device connected ..the last step before it connected , I was asked to pay a one-time service fee of 69.99 on PayPal . Unfortunately I did because I thought I was speaking to an official Roku tech . On an earlier posts , I too got Danny @@Roku who answered my message & told me I had been scammed , as they have no fees for updates . 
Not trying to resolve with PayPal & my bank .

Not sure what the real story is but sounds like I gave out $70.00 to a scammer .

Roku has a leak in their Chat sessions it seems . These guys are good .

still like Roku however !

Danny @Roku , if you see this post ….any straight answers !

thanks , Mark51

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Connectivity Issues and Surprise $$ Charge to Fix

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Hi @Mark51,

Thanks for the follow-up.

We're sorry about the issue. It sounds like you weren't speaking with a Roku representative who claim to offer “Roku Technical Support”. Roku will never charge you an activation or support fee, and we won't ask for sensitive details like payment information over the phone or ask for remote access to your computer.
In addition, our Support team responded via email recently. Please check your email from our support team, they will be assisting you from there. 

Thanks for your patience regarding this issue.

Best regards,


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