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Connectivity Fix BT FFTH

After a stressful morning trying to connect my ROKU Premiere I wanted to share a fix with you.  I kept being able to connect to the network with excellent signal strength but still no internet connection.  The fix is to log in to your router and change the wireless mode to MODE 2.  

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Re: Connectivity Fix BT FFTH


Thanks for posting this fix.  Appreciate you taking the time to share your solution with the rest of us.

From the title of your post, implies you are likely using the BT Smart Hub. (Fibre)

Not sure if you were previously on Mode 1 or Mode 3 initially, but your Premiere should "technically" be able to operate on all three.  If you were originally on Mode 3, (Legacy Support), then likely culprit was the difficulty any 5ghz(or dual band devices) were having connecting, thus adversely affecting the Premiere's ability to connect.  Everything was sharing old protocols and slowing down allocated resources.  If you were originally on Mode 1, the bandwidth/channel width may need to be lowered to 20mhz or 40 mhz if you were experiencing connection issues. 

You should experience a much better experience on either Mode 1 or Mode 2 than Mode 3.  Can't really imagine a modern router being configured for legacy support, so really think the channel width on Mode 1 is probably set too high (80mhz)  trying to achieve maximum speed.  If this was a new setup, then docs state that the BT Hub is automatically configured to Mode 1. (most likely your case)

Here is a link with the available BT Smart Hub Modes and corresponding Protocols often mentioned in the Community/forum when suggesting changing or using recommended Wireless Settings.


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