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Connection issue and disappointed with ROku

First, I am disappointed in lack of assistance with Roku with customer service.  

We have had an express for a year in my daughter's room.  We have two other Rokus hooked up and a spare (a Roku 1,3, and 4).  We upgraded our internet (70 mps in the room the express was in).  It will not connect to the internet anymore.  I have tried, resetting to factory settings, reset the router (multiple times), disabled pings, unplugged the unit multiple times.  I thought maybe we had too many things on the router so I plugged in my back up and it worked fine, no connection issues.  The WIFI is visible, it just won't connect.  Sometimes it will say connection but no internet and sometimes it won't connect for anything.  The back up we have is an original Roku 1 and it is laggy.  I am not sure what else it could be.  Any other thoughts?

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Re: Connection issue and disappointed with ROku

I am in Pensacola,Fl. Just went through Hurricane  Sally and I am experiencing the same issues as you. My Sharp Roku Tv screen is black and has only "SHARP ROKU TV" in right corner.

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