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Connectability Roku smart TV

I bought a Roku TV for Christmas. I set up the connection to my Wi-Fi it worked for about 2 weeks and then one day I come in and it says disconnected. All other Roku devices in my home are connected and I'm not having any issues with them. I verified my router is working fine then I restarted my Roku TV and my Wi-Fi router box as it said to do in the instructions to reconnect device. After verifying Wi-Fi is working and trying to connect the TV several times it's still will not connect to the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my TV connected as I've tried all the recommended steps online and on the TV itself and it is still not working. Again all my other Roku devices in my home is working, except for the new Roku TV I just bought anyone's help will be greatly appreciated thank you. 

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