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Connect to wireless network with no internet NEEDS to happen.

I’ll try to keep this short. I’m a network IT guy.

My parents live in a very rural area where the only internet is satellite which base costs $80 a month for only 10GB of data. Not very good for a streaming experience. So, my parents rely on the library system for content to watch. It’s slower than going to the local store and renting a movie. I have setup a Plex server that syncs with my own server but only during the convenient “free data” period of 3am-6am. This would allow them to browse & watch anything on my server, but unfortunately the Roku TV will not connect to a wireless network without the internet present. If you are a Roku employee and not a programmer, let me put this simply: this would take a programmer no time at all to allow this. If you ARE a programmer then you already know this is true. Please quit punishing the people with non-typical home internet setups and make this happen. You know you can so please... what could possibly keep you from programming this in?