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Connect to wireless network with no internet NEEDS to happen.

I’ll try to keep this short. I’m a network IT guy.

My parents live in a very rural area where the only internet is satellite which base costs $80 a month for only 10GB of data. Not very good for a streaming experience. So, my parents rely on the library system for content to watch. It’s slower than going to the local store and renting a movie. I have setup a Plex server that syncs with my own server but only during the convenient “free data” period of 3am-6am. This would allow them to browse & watch anything on my server, but unfortunately the Roku TV will not connect to a wireless network without the internet present. If you are a Roku employee and not a programmer, let me put this simply: this would take a programmer no time at all to allow this. If you ARE a programmer then you already know this is true. Please quit punishing the people with non-typical home internet setups and make this happen. You know you can so please... what could possibly keep you from programming this in?

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Re: Connect to wireless network with no internet NEEDS to happen.

To Roku :

I agree with Alicane !  I'm an IT person and just yesterday I was hit with a storm that toasted my gateway from the (not to be named T&T people).  It is taking them 3 days to get me a replacement, which brings me to my suggestion.  I have a home NAS (Movies I store) and Tablo (for over air) that, if I could connect to my network with Roku, I could use but because I have no internet (gateway) it will not connect.  Can you please consider creating an update that separates the network connection and Internet for those that know what they are doing.  Any override would be helpful.

Thank you,

Very Loyal Customer Ryan

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Re: Connect to wireless network with no internet NEEDS to happen.


The request to eliminate the internet requirement so as to stream over the LAN, I think is a reasonable request and used to be possible with certain Roku devices.  (Still is, in certain circumstances if set up before disconnecting from network on certain setups that have ethernet capability. ) Not all, though, and not always, either.

Some have speculated that Roku is not making money when not connected to the internet, but Roku doesn't currently make money now (if this is true) when people choose to watch from their NAS or the Roku Media Player when internet is available but not being used, so not really sure why this feature was redacted/not enacted on Roku devices.

Since the Roku is primarily a device designed to stream online content, could be that is where the focus of their development lies.


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Re: Connect to wireless network with no internet NEEDS to happen.

I completely agree with the need to connect without Internet access. However, the Roku should connect to a network that it previously connected to that had Internet on the initial connect setup. So if the Roku is successfully connected to a wireless access point that is on the Internet, and then connects to a WAP with the same SSID and password, it should reconnect without the Internet check. So if you can set up a temporary access point with the SSID and password that matches their home network, it should connect and talk to their home network just fine. 


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