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Connect to Roku 1 without WiFi

I have an old Roku 1, which doesn't have an Ethernet port, and I don't have a remote for it. I would use my phone, but my Roku isn't connected to my WiFi. Is there any way I can connect to it so that I can use it?

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Re: Connect to Roku 1 without WiFi

Just as an aside, "Roku 1" is model 2710. (You can see one here.) However, I'm thinking you actually have a first generation Roku device, based on your wording. Not that important insofar as solving this particular issue goes, but should other issues arise, it may come into play. Just might want to make a note of that.

Now, the solution is pretty easy, but not free. You'll can get a cheap ($4-$8) universal remote from Walmart, Best Buy, Family Dollar, or pretty much anywhere that carries cheap universal remotes. Just ensure it says "Roku" somewhere in the list of supported devices. 

All of the first generation Roku devices, as well as the Roku 1 (model 2710), use IR remotes, which is what these cheap universal remotes are. As long as it comes with codes that support Roku, you'll be good to go.

The Roku app supports the Roku 1. I think it also works with a first generation Roku, but I've never actually done that. Once you use the universal remote to connect your Roku device, you should be able to use your app.
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