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College Dorm Roku Connection

I am having issues with the 4th step of the "Hotel and Dorm Connect" feature on Roku. I was able to connect to my hotspot on my phone to set up and activate my Roku. But, now I want to switch to my school wifi. I found and selected my college Wi-Fi, and then I selected that I am in a hotel/dorm. Then I followed the instructions on the screen. I went to the Wi-Fi settings on my phone, connected to the Roku, entered the password, and successfully connected to the Roku. For the last step it says to open a browser on my phone to enter some info. When I open a browser on my phone, nothing happens. My phone gives me the same pop up as if I was not connected to the internet. What am I supposed to do when I open the browser, and how am I supposed to enter my name and room number? Am I supposed to get a direct Wifi link? I already submitted my Roku to my University's IT website (entered the MAC addressed and successfully registered my device). Any advice?? 

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Level 7

No secondary device sign in popup when connecting to hotel or dorm wifi

I've recently set up my roku TV at a college dorm and am attempting to sign onto a wifi, the device was activated already.  Following the steps for hotel and dorm wifi I connect the TV to my phone and open a browser but no pop up appears, This similarly happens when connecting to my laptop. 

I don't know if this helps but it is an AT&T free wifi similar to what you would see at a Walmart where a popup usually appears in the form of a full page where you just click "Get connected".  Further, I don't know if it is the wifi force closing it but many times the hotel and dorm option doesn't show up on the tv, or the prompt with the code to connect to a second device for the browser shows up for only a few seconds before closing to an error screen.  After the error screen my only options are restart the tv, factory restart, or close.  Hitting back or any other option just brings up the exact same popup.

This near-exact issue was posted by @amcnul19 a few months ago, but there were not any fixes replied.  For a similar description see their post.

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