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College Dorm Roku Connection

I am having issues with the 4th step of the "Hotel and Dorm Connect" feature on Roku. I was able to connect to my hotspot on my phone to set up and activate my Roku. But, now I want to switch to my school wifi. I found and selected my college Wi-Fi, and then I selected that I am in a hotel/dorm. Then I followed the instructions on the screen. I went to the Wi-Fi settings on my phone, connected to the Roku, entered the password, and successfully connected to the Roku. For the last step it says to open a browser on my phone to enter some info. When I open a browser on my phone, nothing happens. My phone gives me the same pop up as if I was not connected to the internet. What am I supposed to do when I open the browser, and how am I supposed to enter my name and room number? Am I supposed to get a direct Wifi link? I already submitted my Roku to my University's IT website (entered the MAC addressed and successfully registered my device). Any advice?? 

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