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Channels stop/freeze as if I don't have wireless connection, but no network issues

I have a Roku 3920X.  When playing video from apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc), there will be interruptions where the video freezes (Hulu is the worst but happens with all).  The video usually continues playing after a minute or 2 of buffering.  Sometimes a "check internet connectivity" error will pop up.  Backing out of the video or rewinding sometimes helps it continue forward.  I really don't understand why this keeps happening because I run speed tests, and my network speed is great.  I should be able to watch/stream without the buffering/stopping of playing.  I assume it is a problem with my Roku because I never encounter this issue when watching these apps on my PC.  I NEVER have the problem when watching apps on my PC or phone.

Is the Roku wireless receiver just not able to keep up?  Do I just need to buy a "better" Roku?  Any information on how to fix this would be much appreciated.  I would try to "hard wire" the Roku with an Ethernet connection, but obviously there is no port on this model, so wireless is the only option. 

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