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Channel could not be reinstalled from network error


I recently purchased 5 (2 GB) SD cards off of the Roku store for increased channel capacity for the following Roku's and have encountered issues starting in the past 24 hours. The units that I have are ranging from a Roku Ultra, Roku 4, 2 Roku 3's and a Roku 2 (4210X).
Starting last night around 9 PM EDT, I started receiving an error stating that the "channels could not be reinstalled from the network" and was unable to open several apps including YouTube and Netflix. I currently had around 175 channels and had to remove the SD cards, reboot and delete 10 apps to restore functionality to the units. All 5 units are hardwired with 8.0 software, Cat 5E Ethernet with a 1 GBPS fiber connection. Please advise on what can done to resolve this situation. I reviewed the forum and saw that this was an issue in the past but was unsure if there ever was a resolution. Thanks

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Re: Channel could not be reinstalled from network error

Sounds more like a temporary problem with Roku's channel servers than a problem with the SD cards.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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