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Level 7

Casting eating up my data?

If I cast from Android phone to my tv using Roku express (YouTube music) am I using data from my satellite internet or from my phone? Unlimited on phone, but I get thrott6 on WiFi after 60G, so I'm trying to do this without using my internet data. 

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Level 10

Re: Casting eating up my data?


youtube > phone provider > phone > back to phone provider > satellite internet > roku

so,your not saving that way.


since it's music,you can drop the video quality to the lowest and that would save a lot of data.

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Level 19

Re: Casting eating up my data?

@ShelbyB Thanks for the note here. 

This depends on the approach you are using. Are you using the 'cast' option/icon from inside the YouTube app on your phone, to play these videos on your Roku Express? Or, are you using our screen mirroring feature to mirror your phone's screen to your Roku, then play the video on your phone? 




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