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Cannot context to wireless even after resetting factory settings

I have an Express+ and have used it successfully for about a month.  Today it would not connect to the internet.  I have tried all the solutions I could find online.  I restarted the device, I restarted my router, I disabled pings, and finally reset the device to factory settings but nothing worked.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Cannot context to wireless even after resetting factory settings

@cherrygers  Thanks for the note. What do you see on screen when you go to select your wireless network in Settings>Network>Set up connection? Do you encounter any error messages? Is your wireless router broadcasting a 2.4GHz wireless network? 

Please see more about troubleshooting wireless connection issues, including information about any network error codes you may encounter here:

You can also reference tips for improving your device's connection here:

Please keep us posted! 




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