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Cannot connect to WD MyCloud media server (Twonky) via WiFi

     I have recently purchased a Roku Streaming Stick to connect to a Hisense smart TV. This unit connects to my home network via WiFi, the only mode available to the Stick (The home network is primarily Ethernet with an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router extending the network wirelessly through its own Ethernet port.).

     It is replacing an earlier model Roku box which I had connected to my home network via Ethernet. I have relocated this unit to a different part of the house where it can only access the home network via WiFi alone.

     Now, prior to the relocation the Roku box had no problem locating and streaming video, music and photos from the Twonky media server on my WD MyCloud device via Ethernet. Since the relocation and the switch to WiFi, the Roku box cannot locate or connect to the MyCloud's Twonky media server.

     In addition, the Roku Streaming Stick, which also uses WiFi to connect to the network, has never been able to "see" or connect to the media server on the WD MyCloud NAS.

     I should add that all devices are on the same network using the same IP range and subnet mask, Further, the Hisense TV, using the Android TV platform CAN see the WD MyCloud device and CAN stream video, music and photos, though, once again, the TV is connected to the network via an Ethernet cable. It is only when using the Roku Stick's own operating system over WiFi that the WD MyCloud media server cannot be accessed.

     I would appreciate any assistance that you may be able to provide to rectify this confusing problem.

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