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Cannot Connect iPhone to 55’4k UHD via Airplay

I was very excited to hear Airplay 2 support would come to my new 55’ 4k UHD Roku TV. However, I was very disappointed when I found out how underwhelming this feature is. No matter what I do I cannot figure out how to get the feature to work. I am currently at University of California, Santa Barbara and have both my iPhone 11 Pro and tv connected to the schools public network (which requires you to register the device in order to seamlessly connect). Even when both devices are connected to the same wireless network, the tv never appeared in my airplay menu on my phone. After countless factory resets and support searches, (even filed a support ticket with Roku to no avail) I ordered an ethernet cable to stabilize my connection and still I was unable to connect my phone to my tv. It should be known that I was able to view pictures (only pictures) through my personal hotspot but have been unable to use the full suite of Airplay features for whatever reason. It is quite disheartening to hear all the glorious things people are able to do with their iPhones and Roku televisions while my tv avoids any kind of connection with my phone through Airplay whatsoever. PLEASE help me. Roku TV 

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Re: Cannot Connect iPhone to 55’4k UHD via Airplay

It sounds like UCSB has implemented AP/Wireless Isolation (this prevents different wireless devices connected to the same network from communicating with each other, which is understandable in the given scenario).

You may need to address this with campus IT support - they may or may not allow informed consent exemptions etc.

Otherwise, you'll need to create your own WiFi network, connect your devices to that network, and connect that to their network (which may or may not be allowed) - or another - for internet access, to allow your devices to communicate with each other.

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