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Can't log in online

We have 2 TV's. The Roku streaming stick on our main TV is working fine but I can't sign in to Roku with my email and password. So I tried resetting my password. It goes in a loop. Reset password-I do it -sign in-attempt-reset password screen again. 

I can't locate my 2nd Roku remote so I'm trying to use a mobile remote on my phone. But can't log in. 

The good news is I told the password reset to log out of all accounts and it didn't log out on our one TV that's working.


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Level 21

Re: Can't log in online

If you reset your TV to the point where it's starting over and trying to connect to your Wi-Fi, you'll need a physical remote to get past that.  No app can connect to your TV until it's connected to your network.  Since it's a TV, you should be able to get a universal remote that supports your brand of TV.  The brand is not Roku.

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